Talking about clarity and ways to declutter your life might create the vision of living in an empty room with little more than a chair and a bare light bulb. But that’s not what successful self-leadership is about when it comes to living with more clarity.
It’s not about reducing everything to the minimum you can barely tolerate.

It’s about getting rid of the extra baggages and commitments that have little meaning. To do so, you free up extra space and make time for the truly important things that matter. The extra items and obligations in your life cost more than you realize in terms of a fat paycheck and peace of mind. Adopting a few declutter principles could go a long way towards bringing you greater fulfillment and improved self-leadership skills.

Discover how decluttering can alter your life for the better:

1. You’ll spend a lot less time cleaning and sorting

Half of the time you spend cleaning is actually spent decluttering. It’s easier to clean the floors, the counters, and the furniture if you don’t have to spend time moving things around and putting things away first. Same accounts for sorting things in the office, badly structured files in different storage locations and messy (or no) online and offline systems.

2. You’ll feel better

Less clutter uplifts your mood and outlook on life. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel without all the stuff that’s commonly in your way. Once you intentionally decluttered different areas of your life, you’ll also be surprised that you are surrounded only by the things that truly mean something to you.

3. You have more free time

Self-Leadership is not only about the opportunity to define all by yourself how to spend your time. It’s also about your duty to define what fits into the 24hours of your day. With fewer things to take care of and less time spent on cleaning, decluttering and sorting, you’ll have more free time to enjoy your life. You also have fewer distractions which makes it easier to focus on other things in your life.

4. You will enjoy a clearer sense of purpose and greater motivation

Once you have clarity, you can limit your activities and possessions to those most important to you. You’ll find it easier to focus and make decisions and demonstrate strong self-leadership skills. Your commitment to those remaining activities also increases.

5. Your relationships are enhanced

When you and everyone in your home is less distracted, happier, and has more free time, you can enjoy each others company. A comfortable, stress-free environment benefits everyone in the home. Having structures in place, that you create intentionally and purposefully, make sure that you and your loved ones are surrounded by the things you truly need and love and you want to spend time with.

Whether you live in a small apartment or in a large house in the country side, imagine how you would feel with that space decluttered according to above principles? Imagine you just pick one room today and get started? Imagine to just pick one box – physical or digital – in the office to get sorted out and bring back the clarity needed?

Deculttering might sound boring and austere, but it’s really just the opposite. Try it for yourself! Surround yourself with the items and activities that you love and feel the positive difference in your life.

Self-Leadership is about taking the lead in getting clarity in life. It defines what’s in-scope and what is out-of-scope in your life!