Executive Coaching for healthy high performance

Executive Sparring

I am nudging you to healthy high performance structures and habits

Michaela Lindinger is an executive sparring partner to C-level leaders, next-generation decision-makers, founders and entrepreneurs. Through executive coaching services, she helps those who want to maximize their performance, healthily, using the correct structures, habits and mindset.

Overall, her executive coaching and sparring services, approaches and programs are notably grounded in scientific research and are built explicitly to fit a busy entrepreneurial lifestyle. As a result, she will provide concrete, actionable items, so you’ll notice the first results after session #1

The BE.ME. Executive Coaching Program

Your most impactful, life-changing days!

Executive Sparring

The Be.Me. Program is designed explicitly to help high-power leaders, executives and founders, who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and bear excessive stress. Overall, the Be.Me. executive coaching program shows you how to achieve an amazing, executive lifestyle without sacrificing passion, productivity and drive. We use the Be.Me. Core 4 – Body, Emotions, Mind and Executive Career – so that you can enjoy your career with balance and ease.

  • Have you ever felt stuck or unclear about your priorities? Or does your calendar define the stress of your day and you feel like you’ve lost control over time?
  • Do you presently feel tired and overwhelmed because of flexibility and uncertainty?
  • Can you trust your team and your social backbone to support you in reaching your goals?
  • Do you feel like it’s time to make a change and leave a legacy NOW?

The Be.Me program is a 1:1, executive coaching program. These transformational weeks will set you up for overall success with a proven and science-based system. Together with Michaela as experienced executive coach, you’ll build personal, high-performance habits and structures around the following topics:

Vision & Clarity

Discover your true purpose in life. Learn about your core personal motivations, your purpose, and how to create a unique vision that works in perfect harmony with your brain.


An executive high performance coach will show you how to incorporate science-based chronobiology, resilience, power foods and positive psychology into your daily schedule. With these tools, you’re ready to perform!


Learn about the key skills and tools to use so that you stay in control no matter how uncertain or complex a situation may seem. You’re ready to work in an agile way!


An executive high performance coach will help you become crystal clear about the priorities in your life . Find out which topics and tasks come first, as well as how to keep working on your big moves.


Collaboration & Influence

Discover the most promising leadership style for digital transformation through our executive coaching framework. Furthermore, learn how to build trust to be an authentic, powerful leader to influence others.

Environment 360°

Shape your space, people, habits and environment, so they serve you and encourage you to thrive!

You’ll experience your first breakthroughs after session #1. As your executive coach and sparring partner, Michaela will use tailored resources to make this a personal, transformational, joyful experience you won’t want to miss. Go beyond the standard norm, and stop the daily struggle. Are you ready?

Reach out to us and we will schedule a chemistry check call to answer all your questions and see if we’re a good fit.

Executive Coaching

With your personal Executive Coach you will perform beyond the standard norm

The braininspa executive coaching services can help you make positive changes, both personally and professionally, so you get back on track.

Does this sound familiar:

  • Are you presently facing a challenging situation at work, or do you feel a leadership crisis creeping in?
  • Do you feel your leadership development has reached its limit and needs an update?
  • Is there a notable conflict in your team that you’re struggling to solve?
  • You feel like your teams are unaligned on their objectives, vision or daily operations?
  • Maybe you want to reflect on how you can be more of an authentic leader?
  • Do you presently feel like you’re at your limit regarding emails and meetings, without time for you and your health?
  • As a woman, you might prefer a female sparring partner, experienced as a corporate leader as well as a mom.

If any of these questions trigger a “YES”, then sign up for our Executive & Founder Coaching Package. The package consists of 1:1 coaching sessions with individual worksheets, and these will get you quickly back on track and ready for the next level

Testimonials from past clients

I undertook several coaching sessions with Michaela, and they were transformative. She brings great clarity to the process of making decisions, and she was invaluable in helping me focus my business and personal goals. Michaela is a great listener with a gift for penetrating analysis, and her uncommon…

Bob G.

President Community Services, NGO International

I was stuck in a corporate role that was paying good money, making me travel the world, being surrounded by awesome clients – but I was not living my purpose – didn’t even know what it really was. Till I met Michaela and she helped me get focus and clarity and guided me towards launching my own dream business.

Ann J.

CEO startup, Medical Consultancy

Not that I haven’t worked with coaches before, but there is hardly ever someone as focused and present as Michaela when working with her. Plus her way of not teaching content but having you implement simple yet powerful things quickly – even in my busy schedule – and seeing results soon was awesome!

Sandra B.

Head of Corporate Innovation International, Retail / EMEA


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