Business Transformation

Executive Coaching

We are your trusted partner to reflect and evaluate

You are an entrepreneur, senior leader or executive facing a countless number of challenges in your professional and personal life every day. You are required to take so many decisions, lead and advise teams or entire organizations – but have you taken the time to reflect? Did you take different perspectives and challenge potential solutions? What if you had a reliable partner by your side who not only has solid entrepreneurial and C-level experience but also an academic coaching psychology background? What if you had a trusted person who has been in your shoes as senior executive, entrepreneur and founder and can relate to your tough situation? 

Michaela Lindinger is the CEO and founder of braininspa and she speaks both languages: corporatish and startupish. Michaela fully understands the tensions and challenges individual leaders face at the rise of the digital economy with VUCA becoming the new normal and transformation needed on many dimensions.

She is an executive sparring partner to C-level leaders, next generation decision makers, founders and entrepreneurs who want to maximize their healthy high performance with the right structures, habits and mindset. Her approaches and programs are grounded in scientific research, built to fit a busy entrepreneurial lifestyle with concrete, actionable items, seeing first results kicking in after session #1.

Organizational Transformation Consulting

We are your co-creation partner

At the heart of braininspa’s strategic consulting projects is the passion for people. A strong focus on talents and breakthrough employee experience drives many international innovation and transformation programs from start to tangible results. 

braininspa supports organizations across the globe as well as ambitious startups in different industries as advisor and consultant on the following core challenges:

  • Transformation
  • Purpose & Values based Organizations
  • Employee Experience 
  • Agility & New Ways of Working
  • Innovative Business Models
  • NextGeneration Leadership
  • *

* Contact Braininspa if there is anything else you want to discuss

Digital Experience Product

We provide a digital talent development experience 

Building healthy, high performing structures, habits and the right mindset is not difficult. You are just one click away from full access to a large pool of professional resources and tools that will provide you with hands-on daily support, brush-up your productivity, make best use of your time, and boost your power to living your purpose. 

Depending on your personal preference and available time, level of interaction and deep dive on hands-on experience, there is a collection of tools available will can provide:

  • Clarity for making the purposeful choices on what is important to you
  • A new level of focus, understanding, certainty, and confidence
  • Significant higher levels of mental, emotional and physical energy
  • Increased self-leadership skills and personal productivity
  • A boost in the ability to profoundly relate to people and lead them
  • Outperform existing limiting beliefs and views

Testimonials from past clients

Having worked with Michaela over longer period of time made me change quite a few things in life: Not just her ability to always ask the right questions but to be there whenever I felt like bouncing the one or the other ideas was a true game-changer for me

Daniela S.

Head of Talent - EMEA, Marketing & Advertising Agency

I was stuck in a corporate role that was paying good money, making me travel the world, being surrounded by awesome clients – but I was not living my purpose – didn’t even know what it really was. Till I met Michaela and she helped me get focus and clarity and guided me towards launching my own dream business.

Ann J.

CEO startup, Medical Consultancy

I undertook several coaching sessions with Michaela, and they were transformative. She brings great clarity to the process of making decisions, and she was invaluable in helping me focus my business and personal goals. Michaela is a great listener with a gift for penetrating analysis, and her uncommon…

Bob G.

President Community Services, NGO International


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