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Here at braininspa, we don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” approach. Instead, we believe in a co-creation setup for organizational transformation consulting. Consequently, international corporations, and ambitious startups from different industries seek advice about the core themes of our business transformation services:

  • Organizational Transformation Consulting
  • Purpose and Values-based Organization Design
  • Employee Experience Frameworks
  • Agility and New Ways of Working
  • Innovative Business Models and Next Generation Leadership

In our past projects, Culture Walks and Culture Talks gave us mind-blowing insights into the organization’s challenges when we launched a client’s new company culture across different business units. As a result of a transformation consulting project, we created new ways of working like the Innovation Engine – a new setup for a family-owned, multinational manufacturing organization that called for new and agile ways of working. Furthermore, with our business transformation services, we rolled out the first-of-a-kind, multi-level and next-generation leadership development program for our deep-tech client. The program focused on healthy high-performance skills, as well as executive coaching and masterminds. Over the last decade, these organizational transformation consulting projects and business transformation services, amongst others, have one thing in common: laser-sharp focus on talent with each project grounded in clarity, purpose and passion.

Facts & Figures

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Client Cases


Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

Industry: Energy & Utility
Company Size: +10.000 employees

Current market volatility and the upcoming M&A activities need the leadership team to align and support each other in times of uncertainty.

With our healthy high performance framework and an executive coaching approach, we co-create a story map that would fit our client’s C-level leadership and their needs. Then we conduct 1:1 Pre-Interviews with all stakeholders. In the interview, we identify their fears, frustrations, desires and expectations as well as current leadership challenges. We also discuss, iterate and further agree on next steps, and implementation initiatives. To handle these times of uncertainty, we successfully launch several creative workshop formats. In parallel, each executive leader is supported via 1:1 executive coaching and sparring sessions.

Launching the Innovation Engine

Industry: Manufacturing
Company Size: +1000 employees

The objective of this project was to launch a new Innovation Engine to outperform the current business results by 100% within the next three years. Because of this, we based the project on a new, jointly defined company purpose, including re-worked values and updated business unit strategies. Over this 2 year project, some of the benefits of the organizational transformation services are:

  • Board level alignment on how to create an agile innovation team setup
  • Definition of objectives, roles and responsibilities for Innovation Engine structures
  • Onboard and empower a new Innovation Team to run as a self-organized entity with a true entrepreneurial mindset
  • Provide an innovation stage-gate processes and relevant tools
  • Implement new innovation tools and methods such as Google Sprint, Customer Journeys and Business Mode Thinking.

Empowering Next Generation Tech Leaders

Industry: Technology & IT Services
Company Size: +500 employees

Young, technology-focused and high-potential employees should be accompanied throughout their early leadership experience on three pillars of organizational transformation consulting. The first pillar provides content and techniques on how to become a healthy, high performance leader. The second pillar includes 1:1 executive coaching to deepen self-leadership development and self-reflection. Finally, the last pillar encourages leaders to foster peer 2 peer collaboration in mastermind formats.

Entrepreneurial Mindset & Agile Organization

Industry: Business Services
Company Size: +1000 employees

With this transformation consulting project, we aim to create and develop formats that bring corporate leadership talents from different departments together with agile, young startup founders. With our business transformation services, we encourage them to work on an eyesight level to learn from each other’s experiences. Furthermore, we motivate them to share their best practices on scaling and agility. We use co-creation processes for building MVP / prototypes, and we change mindsets with unconventional methods. Additionally, we interact with HR & talent development leaders and CEOs of visionary organizations, who want to embrace the VUCA world and new ways of working.

one.client.culture – New Way of Working

Industry: Professional & Business Services
Company Size: +250 employees

The starting point for this organizational transformation consulting project is an intensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization. With our business transformation services, we also analyze its sub-brands based on our healthy high performance framework. Our high performance coach will conduct numerous Culture Talks with leadership as well as employees on different levels. Culture Walks in each business unit and sub-brand as well as a series of creative workshops give us mind-blowing insights into the organization’s challenges. Based on all these findings, we create a one.client.culture framework, covering all dimensions of work & space, team & community, creativity & work and employee & wellbeing. The aggregated results are then interpreted by an award-winning architect and translated into the concept for the company’s new headquarter location and office design. Within 8 months, all employees move into the new, jointly designed healthy high performance location, experiencing for the first time one.client.culture.

Testimonials from past clients

Not that I haven’t worked with coaches before, but there is hardly ever someone as focused and present as Michaela when working with her. Plus her way of not teaching content but having you implement simple yet powerful things quickly – even in my busy schedule – and seeing results soon was awesome!

Sandra B.

Head of Corporate Innovation International, Retail / EMEA

Michaela is a very skilled and intelligent individual with high integrity. Michaela knows how to define targets, how to plan to achieve them and how to not get distracted when executing the plan. In short, if you are looking for someone whom you can trust and will get things done together with you to get you to your next level of performance I can highly recommend Michaela. Happy to respond to personal inquires for more information.
Ralf M.

Managing Director, Swiss Bank

Having worked with Michaela over longer period of time made me change quite a few things in life: Not just her ability to always ask the right questions but to be there whenever I felt like bouncing the one or the other ideas was a true game-changer for me


Daniela S.

Head of Talent - EMEA, Marketing & Advertising Agency


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