#1 in Professional development is self-leadership

BE. ME. Self-Leadership Challenge 

Online Challenge

Are you a high achieving entrepreneur, executive, leader or founder? Then your mission in personal development is to build healthy high-performance structures into your life. With these structures, you’ll feel less stressed and improve your mental health as well as you will be more in control of your time.  Consequently, you’ll feel like you’re living a life with significantly more purpose and happiness. In fact, with our BE. ME. Self-Leadership Challenge, you’ll see results in 21 days or less, including personal interaction and some fun experience along the way.

The BE. ME Self-Leadership Challenge covers all 4 core aspects for achieving healthy high performance: Body, Emotion, Mind and Empowerment in your professional life. We’ll show you that business doesn’t have to take over your life. We’ll help you clarify your core objectives and show you how to use science-based productivity hacks to boost your performance. 

With this proven package of self-leadership skills, you’ll feel confident, more able to handle uncertainty and improve your level of mindfulness because you have more control over your day. Consequently, your loved ones and friends won’t believe you finally have time for them and for the things that matter most in life!

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BE.ME. Daily Affirmation Package

Mindset Change Cards

It’s simple to use positive affirmations for personal development, yet it’s one of the small nuances that differentiates high performance leaders from the average crowd. Positive affirmations can help with motivation, they can encourage significantly positive changes in your life, and notably boost your self-esteem. The right affirmations can also help you eliminate negative thinking and to replace subconscious negative thought patterns, with a more adaptive narrative.

Set your mind up for winning with this hand picked-selection of the most powerful daily affirmations from my premium Be.Me. Program. You can incorporate them into your morning routine and make personal adaptations so they explicitly speak to your heart.

The Powerday Template


With these individual worksheets for professional development, you’ll discover how healthy high performance executives and entrepreneurs structure their day so their body, mind and emotions are always at optimum function. You’ll use a simple, yet powerful template based on the latest scientific findings of neuroscience, chronobiology, positive psychology and mindfulness to structure your day. Furthermore, with this self leadership tool, you’ll have the best pieces inserted into your daily schedule without having to read all the whitepapers and research results. Thus, you’ll only have the essentials you need to know, convenient and ready for use!

The NOWING® Formula


Through academic research and an international study, Michaela Lindinger designed the NOWING® Formula. Its purpose is to maximize performance and personal well-being in today’s fast-moving digital economy with a focus on Millennial’s needs. In a simple, fun, and practical manner, this book shows you what’s relevant for you in digital transformation, along the 6 elements of the NOWING® Formula. Professional success in the digital age is yours – and it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your personal goals and your well-being. It comes with NOWING®.

Executive & Founder Mastermind

Mastermind Program

Benjamin Franklin belonged to one, and in Silicon Valley, most successful entrepreneurs rely on mastermind groups! Mastermind groups are a combination of brainstorming, open question & answers and peer-co-creation. In a group, trust is strong between participants who provide insights and personal feedback as well as share explicit personal experiences. Furthermore, participants also challenge each other to set ambitious goals and encourage each other to achieve them. You’ll have the support of a loyal community of like-minded individuals to openly discuss and reflect on current challenges. You can brainstorm or test new ideas and receive feedback and different perspectives without anyone having a “hidden agenda”. Furthermore, you’ll have a team of trusted peers who help you stay accountable for your goals regarding professional development. 

Currently, all batches are full, but we’ll launch a new group soon. Sign up below so you’ll be notified when registration opens.

Testimonials from past clients

I undertook several coaching sessions with Michaela, and they were transformative. She brings great clarity to the process of making decisions, and she was invaluable in helping me focus my business and personal goals. Michaela is a great listener with a gift for penetrating analysis, and her uncommon…
Bob G.

President Community Services, NGO International

I was stuck in a corporate role that was paying good money, making me travel the world, being surrounded by awesome clients – but I was not living my purpose – didn’t even know what it really was. Till I met Michaela and she helped me get focus and clarity and guided me towards launching my own dream business.
Ann J.

CEO startup, Medical Consultancy

Not that I haven’t worked with coaches before, but there is hardly ever someone as focused and present as Michaela when working with her. Plus her way of not teaching content but having you implement simple yet powerful things quickly – even in my busy schedule – and seeing results soon was awesome!
Sandra B.

Head of Corporate Innovation International, Retail / EMEA


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