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maximize professional performance &
health in the digital economy

maximize professional performance &
health in the digital economy



It is our vision to create workplaces in the digital economy, where especially Millennials can enjoy and achieve maximum performance and stay healthy. At the same time, we help organizations to understand what it takes to gain and retain best Millennial talents for the future success of their business. Our clients know how to achieve innovative performance and healthiness in the digital era. Our focus is on visionary organizations who want to increase their productivity, engagement, trust, and innovation with less stress. 

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I’m Michaela Lindinger, founder and CEO of brain in spa – an employee experience company. I am also the creator of the NOWING® Formula, a strategy used internationally by Millennial talents and innovative organizations to master productivity, engagement, trust, and innovation in today’s volatile, complicated digital world. NOWING® is a practical and powerful approach with formats that fit a virtual lifestyle.

As one of the youngest executives in an international management consulting firm, I’ve worked with Fortune 500 organizations and clients around the world and was responsible for value creation and innovation services in the digital economy. But it’s not the technology that will make you stand out and become a leader and influencer in your field. It is people first: the abilities of healthy, high performing talents and empowered, self-organized teams that make the difference between success and failure in the digital future of work.

My story is built on authenticity, being a millennial startup working parent myself! At 28, I received the Leadership Award for visionary leadership, I’m a lecturing professor for bachelor and masters course since the age of 29, a member of the international Forbes Coaches Council and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. I inspire my clients as a consultant and intrapreneur, keynote speaker, executive coach and productivity trainer.


book cover NOWING

The NOWING® Formula

The digital era is exciting, liberating – and wildly complicated. Instantaneous collaboration keeps the cutting edge evolving so fast that it sometimes seems impossible to keep up.

So how can you stay current? Better yet, how can you live on the forefront of innovation to satisfy and exceed your own career ambitions? And how can you maximize your professional performance without risking your health in the process?

Most young professionals today are wrestling with this challenge. Award-winning management consultant and psychologist Michaela Lindinger has set out to create a strategy to help. Through academic research and an international study in 2014, she designed the NOWING® Formula. Its purpose is to maximize professional performance and personal well-being in today’s fast-moving culture.

In a simple, fun, and practical manner, this guide shows you what’s going on in the digital game, describes the NOWING® Formula and how to use it, and provides a plan for kick-starting your new way of successful living. Tips, exercises, downloads, and skill-building will have you practicing, internalizing, and executing the NOWING Formula’s six elements until you’re ready to stand out and become a leader and influencer in your field.

Professional success in the digital age is yours – and it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your personal goals and your well-being. It comes with NOWING®.

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talent strategy2017By now, it’s considered a fact that employee engagement is an issue for senior leaders all over the world. And where there is missing engagement, there is high turnover. This is where companies lose millions. But they don’t have to. A Gallup study estimated that millennial turnover due to lack of engagement costs the U.S. economy about $30 billion annually. Given that figure, consider the potential additional earnings businesses could create if they had the best, smartest and most engaged workforce collaborating and creating true value through innovative products and services. So the question to be asked before signing off on talent strategy for 2017 is this:

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Leadership50 Profit 2What if I told you that your profits don’t come from your great products or services? They also don’t come from your latest online campaign, and they certainly don’t come from your improved multichannel strategy.

So where do they come from? The answer is simple: According to the recent Mercer study, 52% of a company’s long-term profitability is directly related to the quality of their leadership team. When you ask different leaders in an organization about how they would rate their personal leadership performance, though, only 39% see themselves doing a good job with their leadership abilities.

So what makes it so difficult to be a good leader? It all starts out with

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High Performing Digital Industries

To make best performance possible in the digital industry, we need to make sure we change the organizational setting in a way that allows individuals to act autonomously, easily acquire and access the needed competences and understand the purpose of the work they do. For some organizations this sounds like a difficult, tedious task, whereas others consider this the basics of a good management practice. Wherever you and your team are on this scale, let’s highlight the 5 golden rules allowing for great performance especially in today’s digital economy:

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10 step guide

How Millennial CEOs boost professional performance by 20 % in one week

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