There is no need to explain that these are special days we are currently trying to make our way through: whether you are 70+ years old, afraid of catching a virus that could mean your days are counted or you are 7 years old, just started first grade trying to learn how to write and read numbers and letters but now being sent home to study all by yourself without friends. Most likely, if you are reading these lines, you are between the 7 and 70 years old, struggling with your personal version of the challenge that all of us face right now. 

Willpower beats Brainpower

Your position, your personal circumstances, your age or your social surroundings – none of those things are truly critical to how you master any tough situation, any crisis that life throws at you. The only critical parameter is your willpower and how this willpower beats brainpower – in other words: how you get in the driver seat of your life. 

It’s time to realize that you have the freedom to choose your experience, how you interpret and judge situations and ultimately, how you shape your very personal world. The question is not, whether this is an easy or a difficult task – hell yeah, sometimes it’s very difficult to choose – it’s rather this question we need to ask ourselves over and over again: How am I showing up today and how do I decide to live the next moments, hours, days, weeks, months? – There is no better place to start answering this question than right here, in this very moment, the moment you are reading these lines. Because willpower can only be applied in the moment, one moment after the other, adding up to a strong hour, a strong day, strong weeks….

5 mindsets to get in the driver seat of your life

There is no magic formula, that will help you apply 100% willpower in every moment, thus get’s you in the driver seat of your life. but there are 5 mindsets you can apply and you should make it a priority to train yourself making them a habit, in order to proactively shape the direction of where your life is heading …..because being the co-driver is not what you are meant to be doing in this life!

  • Focus on the future – yes, we are supposed to live in the present, in the moment, in the here and now. Nevertheless, you should have a strong vision of what the future you wish to have, looks like. Not only being optimistic about the future but also having a clear, vivid picture of what you are working towards will serve like a magnet, drawing this desired future to you. 
  • Seek the challenge – the true beauty of life are the moments where we are presented something new because these unknown circumstances or things are like special treats to our brains: something new triggers a pioneering spirit in us, the feeling that we are not tied to the given boundaries but have the potential to stretch, to explore new, unseen areas. We enjoy this inner confidence, that we can handle any challenge we face and we will only show up stronger, more mature and having learned to trust in our ability to rise to the demands of any situation
  • Immerse yourself fully – make sure you engage with full curiosity, excitement and flexibility in the world around you, avoiding to judge everything based on old, known patterns or rush from one situation into the next one without taking the learning opportunity being presented. Stay alert and more receptive to what’s being presented to you and keep in mind that the journey is as important as the destination – so immerse yourself fully in the being-mode!
  • Stay connected – there is so much you can learn by listening to other people’s present moments, their dreams and fears but also their stories about life. Try to focus unconditionally on other human beings that come your way and have authentic, true and focused interactions with them. Go for relationships that are anything but superficial: caring, sharing, thoughtful and loving. It’s the relationships in your life that add the real flavor, that are like the real vehicles towards an engaging, meaningful time spent here.
  • Stay to your own beat – true, deep relationships with others are just so much more valuable compared to being on the race-track all by yourself. Always welcome company on your journey but stick to your own beat, stay on the tracks that you decided to take, even if this means that you can’t make everybody happy or be everybody’s darling. Stay brave enough to find and follow your own course, the one that makes you happy and that brings you closer to your vision.

Practicing and implementing these 5 mindsets in your daily life is more than just adding a morning workout-routine to your schedule. Once you truly understand how impactful these 5 mindsets are and how much beauty they can add to your very moment, you will realize that they are almost like a gift. The only thing you have to do is unwrap this gift, because it’s already sitting inside yourself, ready to be uncovered, ready to shine and ready to position you in the driver seat of your life!