The Successful Coach

Doug Holt

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Doug Holt

Listen to the famous Doug Holt about how he found out where Michaela discovered her passion for healthy high performance and her favor for independence and entrepreneurship.

In this podcast, Michaela and Doug talk about the unconventional approach to leadership development, executive sparring, and coaching. She talks about the importance of clearing one’s vision in life; be it as a leader or as an executive, and answering all the “WHY’s” by identifying the purposes of striving for excellence in both personal and professional life.

Michaela developed her scientific background while she was pursuing her Master’s Degree In Coaching Psychology in London.

According to her, good leadership skill not only influences a person but an entire team, by bringing out their ultimate potential. This minimizes the risks of avoiding delays or deadlines. A leader provides adequate guidance and motivates teammates toward achieving a common goal.

Michaela shares her personal stories as well as some very interesting client feedback and success stories about making successful change and transformation program work: What is needed from the leadership level? What skills are most important to have? Why is there an extensive gap in how different organizations approach it when it comes to making a change? And the skills that Michaela learned by participating in numerous projects where startups and corporates collaborated almost like in an incubator-type setting to learn what works best and what doesn’t.

According to Michaela, there is real beauty in getting senior leaders and executives to say the famous but transformative sentence of “I don’t know” before embarking on any innovation or transformation journey with their organization.

Michaela explains how “braininspa” and their unique formats and approach helped leaders to think about things thoroughly and ultimately find the best option for a healthy organization that enhances the performance of the teammates.