How Small Steps Lead to Giant Happiness

Happiness is often described as the ultimate goal in life, it is significant for our personal well-being and overall life satisfaction. It is THE emotional state that brings us joy, contentment, and a sense of fulfillment. While the pursuit of happiness may differ for each individual, it remains a universal desire that goes beyond cultural and societal boundaries.

The approaching summer-season is hopefully also time to recharge, disconnect and reconnect with nature and outside-work things. It is hopefully a time where you can prioritize your own happiness and take active steps to nurture it. That’s why I want to spend some time in this blog article exploring the importance of personal happiness, why we need to care for it, and how it serves as the cornerstone for achieving a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Developing a happy mind can be a lifelong project, but there are plenty of quick pick-me-ups to sustain you through bad hair days and tough negotiations. These baby steps will have you smiling in less than 5 minutes.

Stand Tall

Your posture affects your state of mind. Straighten your spine and pull your shoulders back. As you take the strain of slouching off your lungs and heart, you’ll breathe more easily, decrease stress, and radiate more energy.

Play Best Song

Listen to your favorite songs, albums, artists during routine tasks. Whether it’s doing the bills or entering data or even spending your pomodoro session going through your inbox – it will seem more pleasant with the right sound.

Apply Good Smell

Some scents soothe our brain or refresh our senses. Whether you wear perfume, spice up a whole room with an air diffuser, simply use your favourite body cream or sprinkle some lavender on your pillow at night – just make sure it smells nice wherever you are.

Welcome Sunshine

Exposure to light makes us livelier, especially exposure to natural sunlight. Open a window or eat breakfast outdoors and allow some sunbeams on your face will open up the door for a smile and a nuance more happiness.

Appreciate the next Tree

It is one thing to imagine yourself lying on the beach or strolling through a garden, it’s an even better thing to actually do it and spend time outside, enjoying the beauty of the next tree or the next flower. It truly lifts your spirits and you should treat yourself to these real things maybe with a long hike or a boat ride on the next weekend.

Breath the Here and Now

Be present in the moment and devote your full attention to the one thing you do – just reading this blog article, just taking a zip from your tea or coffee, just looking outside letting your mind wander, just taking 10 deep breaths. Worries will fade as you focus on what you’re doing, just being present in the here and now.

Laugh out Loud

Your facial expressions shape your emotions, thus laughter is core for pushing your happiness-level. Even if you have to push yourself to smile and laugh, the effort will soon become natural. Just give it a try and enter the restaurant for lunch or the grocery story later today with a natural, medium-sized smile on your face. It doesn’t only lift your mood because you work the right facial muscles but might also have an impact on how the surrounding people will approach you.

Make a Compliment

There are days when we feel we are surrounded by idiots – Thomas Erikson even wrote a whole book about this! Luckily, there are also days when this is not 100% the case. Praise others and it makes you feel good too. You’ll receive instant gratification from knowing that you’ve brightened their day, and they may want to return the favor. You could also let others know how much you appreciate them. It will help to remind you of your profound blessings and take your mind off minor irritations.

Talk to the Known

Supportive friends contribute a lot to our overall wellbeing. Stay in touch with your old college roommate, former neighbour, co-worker or childhood-friend. Reach out to them frequently and try to make new connections with colleagues at work, other parents at your child’s school or just people you meet whilst doing sports.

Talk to the Unknown

Now this sounds strange but it’s worth giving a try: studies show that small talk relieves stress and makes daily experiences more enjoyable. Ask other shoppers at the farmer’s market about which sellers they like. Take a break while jogging to chat with someone who’s cleaning the park. Spend a couple minutes chatting with the person before or behind you in line while getting your coffee or lunch.

Whether you decide to go for one of these baby steps or for all them – it will definitely have a positive impact on your happiness today. Happiness comes from within, so you have the power to add more joy to your life. It takes just some of these baby steps and small changes in order to achieve giant results.