Transform Your Workforce for Successful Digital Transformation


Transform Your Workforce for Successful Digital Transformation

Listen to the famous Jason Stoughton from Silicon Valley and how he speaks on his podcast with Michaela Lindinger about the future of work and successful digital tranformation. “….But what I always try to communicate more and more clearly to my people to my clients is as you just said: the digital future will be about people, better to say about talents whose performance will really make the difference. 


The basis for the digital era

One of my favorite personal sayings is: Digital business is more about people than any other business ever before…..The digital era is entirely based on working with the latest tech and grooming yourself to get acquainted with how the digital world works.

What we need to understand is that on the one hand, we’re having super sophisticated technologies that probably not even one or two percent of the world population can truly understand, for example, what’s behind AI…….Some people are still questioning if AI is truly capable of creating a unique and smart world, where everything can be generated by putting in a small, concise prompt. It can be either a picture or just a basic statement that gets generated automatically, in the blink of an aye. 

Why talent is core for success

So when I talk to many of my C-level clients they tell me a lot about the latest automation project they are doing, how they are looking at artificial intelligence and some of them have even started to launch a pilot on big data analytics…..

Unfortunately, not many of them are aware that they need to prepare their talents and practice the necessary methods which eventually will move the needle. …..to master digital transformation, there are just three simple things that you should really focus on in order to be on a good track and the first one for me is vision and clarity….”