One Space.One Mission.

One Goal.

Mastering Self-Leadership along the dimensions of Body, Emotion, Mind, and Endeavour.

In a world of swift changes and unpredictability, understanding the building blocks of self-leadership has never been more critical. BE.ME. Spaces is a transformative program, tailored to equip you with the hands-on tools to adapt and florish in this volatile world. In a trusted team you will navigate the complexities, embrace the challenges and celebrate the wins. BE.ME. stands for my Body, my Emotions, my Mind and my Endevaour – because all four require your self-leadership urgently!

Communication Strategies for Leaders

IS BE.ME. Spaces for me?

Looking at society and the individuals it comprises of, it’s been hard not to notice how many of us are struggeling with their workload, the everyday volatility, the decision-fatigue and the lacking trust – all leading to quite some passivity, frustration, loneliness, sometimes even serious sickness and further away from living purposeful happy lives – and some experts predict it will get worse….

BE.ME. Spaces is for those of us who want to

  • Enhance their decision making
  • Cultivate their mental health and positive (organizational) culture
  • Improve their productivity and efficiency
  • Promote proactivity
  • Increase their resilience
  • Improve collaboration dynamics

BE.ME. Spaces sets you up with proven, practical tools and the right human beings in your tribe to make your very best decisions.

What is BE.ME. Spaces?

BE.ME. stands for Body, Emotion, Mind and Endeavour. It’s purpose ist to empower individuals to navigate and thrive in todays everchanging world by providing proven self-leadership hacks and tools that make a difference as of day 1.

BE.ME. spaces is a Learning Experience Platform that offers modules with relevant content to choose – no fluff, just proven tools, approaches, exercises, handouts, worksheets collected over a decade of working with senior leaders, executives and high-powered decision makers

BE. ME. Spaces is for you individually but at the same time comes with the fun factor of social learning. Your BE.ME. tribe of 2-4 individuals is with you on this life-improving journey – share the findings, support, celebrate on regular basis.

BE.ME. Spaces also gives you unique access to a Mastermind – a  mixed community of other tribe members, experts and advanced BE.ME. folks to reflect, inspire and find even more fast-track ideas for you.

Be prepared for enjoying unique, empowering moments!



From all the individuals who have already participated in BE.ME. Spaces, the feedback has been consistent: it’s an unforgettable journey!

Initially, it might be challenging, but soon it transforms into a powerful experience. Central to this are the conversations, which created strong bonds amongst many tribes. Enjoying BE.ME. Spaces is for many such a deeply felt experience that a common first step for many, after they’ve been done with their first round inside BE.ME. Spaces, is organizing another session to introduce it to more friends, peers and colleagues.

It is easy to organize

Getting started with BE.ME. Spaces is easy. All you need to do is pick 1, 2 or maximum 3 buddies who make up your tribe. Schedule the first date for your tribe session and get access to the BE.ME. Experience Platform for all of your tribe members. Get yourself familiar with the Overview to BE.ME. spaces and the 6 mondules you can pick and choose from. As a tribe, jointly define where you want to get started – and off you go! You will get a step-by-step guidance for yourself but also for your tribe-sessions. So there is nothing to worry about

What does it cost?

Currently BE.ME. Spaces is by invitation only. Feel free to reach out and let us know you would love to join and we will try our very best to get you and your team setup as soon as possible.

At home, In the office, on Campus,…



Creating your BE.ME. Spaces tribe can be done with your best friend, with a group of colleagues at work, with people from different departments / countries / continents of the same organization, with peers across different companies, with your neighbours or your college friends.

Maybe each group has a different preferred starting point inside BE.ME. Spaces but each tribe will create a unique experience with a lasting impact.


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