The Powerday Template


Get your personal guide on how healthy high performing executives and entrepreneurs structure their 24 hours so their body, their mind and their emotions can function at its best. It’s a simple, yet powerful template to structure your day according to the latest scientific findings of neuroscience, chronobiology, positive psychology and mindfulness. Have the best pieces inserted in your daily schedule without reading all the whitepapers and research results – just the essentials you need to know, ready for use!



Productivity is essential to achieving your goals, whether you’re running a business or working towards a personal objective. However, being productive isn’t always easy, especially when you’re juggling multiple tasks and deadlines.

Luckily, there are several daily productivity hacks incorporated in the braininspa Powerday-Template and you can use it to increase your efficiency. Understanding chronobiology is essential when it comes to daily productivity.

Chronobiology is the study of biological rhythms, including circadian rhythms, which are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. Our bodies are programmed to follow this cycle and have a significant impact on our energy levels, mood, and cognitive function.

Research shows that our energy levels and cognitive performance follow a predictable pattern throughout the day, with most people experiencing a midday slump and a peak in the late morning or early afternoon. Therefore, it is imperative to plan your day accordingly, taking advantage of your peak hours to tackle your most challenging work.

Start your day with a morning routine that gets your blood flowing and your mind engaged. This could include exercise, meditation, or journaling. Then, prioritize your most demanding tasks during your peak hours and schedule less critical tasks, like answering emails, during your low-energy periods. Taking breaks throughout the day is also important for high-performing individuals. Studies have shown that taking short breaks can improve focus and cognitive function, leading to increased productivity.

Incorporating movement into your breaks, such as taking a walk, stretching, or making some yoga moves, can also boost energy levels and improve overall health. It is essential for every talent to prioritize their daily routines and optimize productivity. By emphasizing the importance of chronobiology and providing tools like the brain In spa Powerday-Template and several other Be.Me. resources will help you structure your day!