Be.Me. affirmation package


Set your mind up for winning with this handpicked selection of the most powerful daily affirmations from my premium Be.Me. Program. You can incorporate them into your morning routine or twist so they speak to your heart.



The Be.Me. program is a unique executive coaching program that helps high-power leaders, executives, and founders to achieve an amazing executive lifestyle while maintaining balance and ease. 

The program is designed to help individuals who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and face excessive stress in their daily lives. Using the Be.Me. Core 4 approach, which focuses on Body, Emotions, Mind, and Empowerment, can participate and learn to achieve their career goals without sacrificing their passion, productivity, and drive.

Additionally, make room for personal development, clarify their priorities, and regain control over their time. 

Participants learn how to manage their stress levels and improve their overall well-being by building high-performance habits and structures around the Core 4 topics of body, emotion, mind, and career. Furthermore, the Be.Me. program helps individuals build trust in their team and social support network, which can be essential for reaching their goals. 

Through the program, individuals learn how to leave a lasting legacy and bring about positive changes in their personal and professional lives. Overall, the Be.Me. program is a transformational 1:1 coaching program that uses a proven and science-based system to help individuals achieve overall success. 

With Michaela as an experienced executive coach, individuals can expect to develop personal habits and structures that will help them achieve their goals and maintain balance in their lives. So if you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unclear about your priorities, the Be.Me. program can help you to achieve your full potential.

Affirmation Cards are part of the overall BeMe package and will serve as your daily dose of motivation to start the day. Go get your set of cards now and quit those ugly, unproductive, unmotivated mornings but find a good and easy-to-get source of inspiration every day!