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We are executive sparring partner for leaders and entrepreneurs. We nudge you to high performance structures, habits and mindset, so you can create successful agile leadership teams and achieve breakthrough employee experience.
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Organizational Transformation

The future of work and the digital economy is much more about people than technology. At braininspa we enable this transformation on a personal, team and organizational level in order to create an innovative and talent-focused employee experience culture and a trust-based, agile working environment.

brain in spa is an executive sparring & employee experience company. We nudge C-Level Executives, Leaders and millennial professionals into building healthy high performance structures, habits and mindsets for their teams and for themselves, in order to thrive in the digital transformation – with clarity, productivity and true passion!

The digital economy is exciting, liberating and wildly complicated. So how can you stay current? Better yet, how can you live on the forefront of innovation to exceed your own career ambitions? And how can you maximize your professional success without risking your health in the process? Who can help you to connect the dots and show you the best structures, tools, mindset and high performance habits to get what you really deserve and build an organization that is know for outstanding employee experience?

Digital Transformation Services

Executive Sparring

We show you a structured, success-proven journey to your peak performance. We give you a C-level experienced, serial entrepreneur as sparring partner. We help you reflect, challenge and think things through!

Business Transformation Consulting

We co-create your next level innovative organization. We jointly launch people-centric transformation programs grounded in purpose and values. We bring the right dose of agility and healthy performance to your talents.

Digital Experience Products

We rely on neuroscience, brain-research and latest insights of chronobiology and productivity. We provide you with a hands-on, impactful and applicable learning experience. We provide digital tools that create an impact from day 1.


Hi, I am Michaela Lindinger, founder, CEO and mastermind behind braininspa! My vision is to inspire executives, entrepreneurs and next-generation leaders for working with more clarity, productivity, passion and presence NOW!

As one of the youngest executives in an international management consulting firm, I’ve worked with Fortune 500 organizations and clients around the world on digital strategies and large scale transformation projects. I was responsible for helping client teams with value creation, product and process innovations in multi-million-dollar projects. I have also worked with several national and international startups and corporates to guide their talents when preparing for the challenges of the digital transformation and adjusting their business models to become agile and purpose-driven again.

I understand successful entrepreneurs and ambitious leaders because I am a millennial serial founder and experienced corporate executive as well as a working mom and family-manager. At 28, I received the Leadership Award for visionary leadership. I’m a lecturing professor for bachelor and masters courses on innovation and business models since the age of 29, a member of the international Forbes Coaches Council and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. For the last 15+ years I inspired my clients as Executive and Leadership Coach, High Performance Expert, Sparring Partner, Employee Experience Angel, Keynote Speaker and Team Development Trainer.

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Michaela is a very skilled and intelligent individual with high integrity. Michaela knows how to define targets, how to plan to achieve them and how to not get distracted when executing the plan. In short, if you are looking for someone whom you can trust and will get things done together with you to get you to your next level of performance I can highly recommend Michaela. Happy to respond to personal inquires for more information.

Ralf M.

Managing Director , Swiss Bank

Not that I haven’t worked with coaches before, but there is hardly  ever someone as focused and present as Michaela when working with her. Plus her way of not teaching content but having you implement simple yet powerful things quickly – even in my busy schedule – and seeing results soon was awesome! 

Sandra B.

Head of Corporate Innovation International, Retail / EMEA


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