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The NOWING® Formula

The digital era is exciting, liberating – and wildly complicated. Instantaneous collaboration keeps the cutting edge evolving so fast that it sometimes seems impossible to keep up.

So how can you stay current? Better yet, how can you live on the forefront of innovation to satisfy and exceed your own career ambitions? And how can you maximize your professional performance without risking your health in the process?

Most young professionals today are wrestling with this challenge. Award-winning management consultant and psychologist Michaela Lindinger has set out to create a strategy to help. Through academic research and an international study in 2014, she designed the NOWING® Formula. Its purpose is to maximize professional performance and personal well-being in today’s fast-moving culture.

In a simple, fun, and practical manner, this guide shows you what’s going on in the digital game, describes the NOWING® Formula and how to use it, and provides a plan for kick-starting your new way of successful living. Tips, exercises, downloads, and skill-building will have you practicing, internalizing, and executing the NOWING Formula’s six elements until you’re ready to stand out and become a leader and influencer in your field.

Professional success in the digital age is yours – and it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your personal goals and your well-being. It comes with NOWING®.

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Download this FREE assessment to get your personal NOWING® score that shows how well you survive the digital industry in a healthy way and as a high performer!

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