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Regardless of where you start from, finding professional success as an entrepreneur while also enjoying every day of your life isn’t always easy. Hopefully, though, it’s a unique endeavor, tailored to your personal needs, likes and preferences. If you’re starting out just after college, you’ve probably recently been exposed to tons of good advice, case studies and group discussions, but the real business world is different, and startup life is even more different. There isn’t someone telling you what to focus on. It’s you who needs to decide from one minute to the next what to do.

This starting point isn’t an easy ride for anyone, but in case you come across difficult section during the early days of your startup hike, here are four steps to keep you going:

1. Believe you can do it. Although the average person goes by the saying “seeing it is believing it,” the successful person understands the power of imagination. You can see with your “inner eyes” what it will be like once you succeed. So believe in yourself first, which fuels your motivation to get active.

2. Go public with your vision. When we have goals and ambitions, we tend to make them private, almost secret endeavors. But vocalizing your goals helps you attract resources you might need along the way. Any publicly announced commitment is so much more powerful, and you will be held accountable for achieving it not only by yourself but by the informed public as well.

3. Nothing lasts forever. You have probably been on a plane at least once in your life. Remember all the shaking and rocking during takeoff, the bumpy road to the sky till the plane has reached cruising altitude and then everything is smooth and silent? Apply this to any new endeavor you start: The first steps toward your dream might be the toughest, but once mastered this experience is invaluable; it makes you strong and ready for whatever is next. Frequently leaving your comfort zone is what differentiates highly successful people from the mediocre majority.

4. Don’t have a plan B. A philosophy I kept in mind when I started my own company was not to have a plan B because it distracts you from plan A. If you internalize the power of this, you will see that failure is no option. If you force yourself to succeed with plan A because you wouldn’t even know what to do due to a missing plan B, it is like having your back against the wall. Once that happens, you unleash the almost unknown power within you that allows you to do truly incredible things.

Are you still ready to take this hike toward success, where mastering challenges are part of everyday life and you don’t always know what the end destination will look like but have the confidence that it will be worth it? Welcome! Glad to see you join, because the future of work will only be better with people like you in it.

[This article was initially published on forbes.com in April 2016]

Michaela Lindinger is the creator of the NOWING® Formula, a strategy used internationally by millennial talents to maximize their professional performance and stay healthy in the digital future of work. She is also the founder and CEO of braininspa. Connect with her here.

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